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Blondes can be a stunning choice without breaking the bank!


While the initial cost of going blonde can range from $450 to $1,200, depending on the complexity of the transformation, maintaining your blonde locks can be both affordable and convenient. After you've achieved your desired blonde look, your follow-up appointments can be as simple as the following:


1. 4 to 6-week follow-up:

   - If you have lightened your natural roots or need to cover greys along with highlights, only a quick root touch-up can be done starting at $85. For an even quicker and less expensive option, you can choose an express root touch-up starting at $65.


2. Face framing highlights:

   - If you only highlighted your hair and didn't color your roots, face-framing highlights can be a great option. This technique adds beautiful highlights around your face and along the partline, creating the illusion of a more intricate hairstyle. Face framing highlights start at $125.


3. Subsequent 6-week appointments:

   - For the next few 6-week appointments, you can choose either a root touch-up or face-framing highlights, depending on your preference and hair growth.


4. Bottom partial highlights:

   - If you notice that the hair underneath appears darker and you want to maintain a bright blonde all over without depth, a bottom partial highlight can be applied at your next appointment.


5. Long-term maintenance:

   - After approximately nine months to a year, your stylist can assess the level of blonde and determine if a full highlight is necessary. This service starts at $200.


By ensuring proper techniques and personalized coloring, your blonde hair can be incredibly low maintenance. Our stylists are skilled at achieving your desired color while working within your budget. Don't worry—having stunning blonde hair doesn't always have to be an expensive endeavor!

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