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Please note that our work week starts on Monday and ends on Sunday. The full week's rent is due on the Monday prior to the workweek by 11am. Please make sure to pay on time to avoid a $35 late fee. 

Did you have any walk-in clients last work week? 

If you had any walk-ins from Vanilla salon, please record them below.






$0 -        

$1,001 -

$1,601 - 

$2,501 - 





What rent are you paying?
Which percentage tier did you reach?
Did you work any extra days?
Are you paying rent after 11am, if so incude a $35 late fee.

By accepting these terms, I, the stylist, hereby understand, acknowledge, and agree to the following provisions. I understand and acknowledge that all amounts entered and collected from clients for each week must be accurate and truthful. Any unaccounted-for monies collected from clients shall be deemed theft. I understand that committing theft, including the misappropriation of funds from Vanilla Salon, will result in immediate termination of the rental agreement and may also lead to legal consequences including criminal charges filed with law enforcement. If I am found guilty of theft or misappropriation of funds, Vanilla Salon reserves the right to terminate the rental agreement without any prior notice or compensation.  By accepting the “accept” button I confirm that I have read, understood, and agree to comply with the terms and conditions stated above. 

Stylist Responsibilities

At Vanilla, we take pride in maintaining a clean and organized workspace. We kindly ask that each stylist takes responsibility for cleaning up after themselves and the areas they use at the end of each workday before leaving. This helps us ensure a pleasant and cleanly environment for all our clients and staff. Here's a list of cleaning tasks that must be done and checked off at the end of each work day.

Complete the following before leaving for the day

To upkeep the salon, and keep it state board compliant the following responsibilities should be completed at the end of each week.

Wekly responsibilitues

If paying with cash, please continue to checkout

Keep up the good work!

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