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Plan of Action

As a percentage rental stylist, it's important to have a plan of action for client building and retention. The following strategies can help you build your career by attracting and retaining clients.


At Vanilla, we strive to bring clients to the salon and your chair. However, it's up to you to keep them coming back and build your clientele. The beauty of our job is that we have the potential to make as much money as we want. We are our own boss, and the sky is the limit. There's no need to ask for a raise!


Consistency is key to building a clientele, even as it starts to grow. So, it's important to continue practicing these actions to keep your appointment book full.


Let's get started and work towards building a successful career!


Each week, all boxes are to be completed and checked off.


  • Post the “stylist introduction script” on one or more local Facebook pages at the beginning and end of every week.

  • Post an “availability script” every Monday and Friday on your Instagram and Facebook story.

  • Post at least two hair photos/reels a week on your social media.


Each box is to be checked off with every client.

  • Use the (PAC) form and solution form on every client at least once.


  • Ask each client to send you a referral.

  • Ask younger clients who does their mom's hair and ask them to send them to you.

  • Tell each client about our referral program. (refer 3 clients and receive a free cut and color).

  • Pre-book each client for their next appointment.

  • Suggest the retail product from your client solutions form.

  • Ask each client to leave a review on Yelp or Google with a selfie.

Script sample for Facebook pages

“Hi, I’m ________. I’ve been a hairstylist for ___ years. I just moved to a Vanilla salon, and I’m so excited to continue to build my clientele at my new location. 

I specialize in ________, but I love doing _____, ______, ________, and _______.

Because I’ve moved to a new salon, I have more available appointments than usual. 

If you are looking for a new stylist, I would love to do your hair.

Vanilla Salon is offering two new client packages:


Balayage $275


Face framing balayage or Foilayage

Toner or Glaze

K8 treatment

Mini trim or Dry cut

Blowdry style


haircut   $85




Blowdry style 


If you would like to book online, here’s my direct link

Instagram @yourinsta


Thank you! I hope to see you soon!



Script sample for Instagram and Facebook

“Hi! I have some last-minute available appointments for today and tomorrow. 

DM me, text Vanilla at

714-556-4256 or book online! Hope to see you soon!

(Add direct link)








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