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Our Expectations to your Commitment

At Vanilla Salon, we expect certain commitments from our team members. These commitments are essential for maintaining a high standard of service and creating a positive and professional work environment:


Positive Attitude: Your attitude sets the tone for the salon. Come to work with a positive and enthusiastic mindset, ready to give your best. Leave any personal drama or complaints at home. Be open to coaching and embrace constructive criticism as an opportunity for personal and professional growth.


Preparedness: Arrive at work early and fully prepared. Dress professionally, with your hair styled and ready. Avoid having wet hair or doing your hair in front of clients. Being well-prepared showcases your commitment to professionalism and ensures a smooth start to your workday.


Commitment to Salon Direction: Embrace the salon's vision and follow the direction set by our management. This includes adhering to the salon's guidelines and procedures. By doing so, you contribute to maintaining consistency and quality in our services.


Compliance and Professionalism: Present yourself in a manner that reflects professionalism and excellence. Dress to impress, showcasing your personal style while adhering to our dress code. Take responsibility for cleaning up after yourself, ensuring your station is tidy and complies with state board regulations. Leave your complaints outside the salon door and approach all tasks, from answering the phone to enjoying your break in the back room, with a professional mindset.


Enjoyment: We believe that work should be enjoyable. Have fun and embrace the creativity and passion that come with working in the beauty industry. Your positive and enthusiastic approach enhances your experience and contributes to a vibrant and enjoyable salon environment.


At Vanilla Salon, we value the relationships we build with our clients and have certain guidelines to ensure their satisfaction and comfort. Here are some important commitments we expect


Gratitude for Every Client: Show appreciation for each and every client you receive. Recognize that they have chosen our salon and trust us with their hair. Express gratitude for their support and loyalty.


Respectful Treatment: Treat clients with respect both in their presence and behind their backs. Show understanding and compassion towards their needs. Recognize that not all clients may fully understand the coloring process, and approach them from a calm and educational standpoint. Provide exceptional service while addressing their concerns and ensuring they have a positive experience.


Positive Communication: Maintain a positive and supportive atmosphere when interacting with clients. Avoid making negative comments about their hair, such as phrases like "it's too damaged," "it's messed up," or "it's really bad." Instead, encourage them by expressing your ability to take care of their hair and build their trust in your expertise.


Professional Conduct: Refrain from speaking negatively about clients, fellow stylists, previous employers, or other salons while in the salon. Uphold a professional and respectful environment. Focus on uplifting and positive conversations that contribute to a welcoming and enjoyable experience for everyone.


By adhering to these commitments, you contribute to creating a salon environment that cherishes our clients and ensures their satisfaction. Together, we can maintain a caring and professional atmosphere that fosters trust and long-lasting relationships with our valued clients.

By upholding these commitments, you actively contribute to the success and reputation of Vanilla Salon. Together, we can create a fulfilling and thriving atmosphere for both our team and our valued clients.

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